Tutoring services

Do you feel that your child is not getting the support he or she needs to achieve their full potential at school?

Does your child “hate to read and write” or perform poorly on standardized exams?

I am dedicated to helping your child reach his or her potential in reading, writing, and social/emotional development. I will help your child perform according to the standards they need to succeed at school, while also supporting him/her in developing intrinsic motivation, confidence and a full sense of self. 

Does your child need support in developing second language skills? 

I have 6 years of ESL and Elementary teaching experience in the U.S. and abroad, in public, charter and private schools. I speak Spanish and Chinese with conversational fluency and am happy to interact with families in their native language, and support students seeking support in areas of language development.


Individual Sessions



Individual Tutoring Session (K-6)

Services offered online or in-home



Individual Session (Middle School – Adult)

Services offered in-home or online


Summer Course, 10 weeks (June 23- August 25th)

For 3 months, we will work together to keep your child up to speed on their academics over the summer, while also developing their self-confidence and strength to enter into the next grade level.
Or, if you are a middle school to adult requesting this service, we can design a summer regimen that will work for your personal schedule, and fulfill the goal you are trying to accomplish.
Pricing will be rated month-to-month depending on your needs and the amount of frequency that you would like lessons.

Tutoring Testimonials:

“Merritt is a fantastic tutor and
our daughter loves her classes
with her. Merritt makes
learning fun and introduces
games to help with learning,
which is great for Noelia. We
are very happy with the
progress Noelia is making and
can highly recommend
– Carissa Ryan
Spanish as a Second Language
“Merritt is a great tutor who is
patient and very nice to my
son. She also met with me to
understand my expectation of
the tutoring sessions, and work
with my son to develop a plan.
Overall we are very pleased
with this tutoring experience.”
-Liang HaoHan

Childcare services

Are you looking for a private childcare provider who will play with your child and teach pre-literacy skills? 





Childcare (Preschool)


Childcare Testimonials:

“We’re pleased to recommend Merritt without reservation. She looked after our 4-year-old son once or twice a week for several weeks this spring (2018). 
She was punctual and conscientious and brought unexpected skills and interests to the job, helping Hobey with arts & crafts projects and storybooks that he would “write” and illustrate. Sometimes we would come home to find a display assembled from wildflowers and treasures they found during their walks. Hobey enjoyed his time with Merritt and we were fortunate to have her.”
Will & Hyla Heyniger, Washington DC

will and hyla

Merritt Wuchina is a unique and talented caregiver. She has been watching my four year old son intermittently for about a year. She is caring and firm, and speaks to him respectfully using vocabulary that is stimulating and challenging that he is able to understand and relate to. She takes him interesting places and allows him to lead the activities while imbuing their time together with interesting and educational content. I have been so pleased with her at every level and my son just adores her. I highly recommend her services as a caregiver and tutor and am happy to sing her praises to any potential client of hers. Thank you Merritt! We love you!
-Carmelle Levia, Silver Spring MD